Quality Real Estate Services in North Regina


Are you looking to buy or sell a home in North Regina and don’t know where to begin? Jennica George can help! I’m an experienced and professional realtor that can make your next real estate experience a walk in the park.

I specialize in a variety of real estate services, including a start to finish service for project homes, downsizing, expanding families, new builds, and first-time home buyers and sellers. All my services come with the same promise of quality, dedication, and professionalism.

Thanks to the experience I have in the Regina real estate market, I have been able to come up with tried and tested processes that are able to help my clients have a stress-free real estate experience.

Besides the experience, I’m also a professional. I’ve been working full-time as a realtor for the last 13 years. Also, I walk the talk when it comes to Regina real estate market; I have personally bought, sold, and renovated homes. In addition, I also have a few investment properties in my portfolio, as well.

So, what help would you want from me? Is it to buy a new home? I will ensure you buy one that perfectly meets your tastes and preferences, as well as your budget and future needs. Or is it to sell a home?

Whatever help you might be looking for in real estate, rest assured I can help. You can get in touch with me by dialing 306.581.1212 or by sending me an email at jennica@remaxregina.ca.

Buying a Home in North Regina

Buying a home is never a stress-free experience. Even at the best of times, house hunting comes with lots of built-in stressors, from mortgage approvals to bidding wars and everything in between.


What’s more, there are a lot of emotions and anxiety that come along with buying a home. If you’re not careful, you may risk making some costly mistakes.

If you are just getting started or simply don’t have much time on your hands, hiring a reputable realtor is the best way to go. A good realtor will provide you with all the necessary guidance in the field of real estate.

Hiring Jennica George means having a stress-free real estate experience. I’ll take care of everything for you and make the entire process more seamless and stress-free.

The North Regina real estate market, just like others in Saskatchewan, is always dynamic. What might have worked a few years may not work today. Luckily for you, besides being born and raised in Regina, I always keep up-to-date with the most recent trends.

Buying a home is probably going to be one of the largest purchases in your life. Doing it wrong can have many ramifications. So, protect yourself by hiring the right person.

Where Do You Start?

This can be a tricky question to answer, especially if you’re a newbie home buyer. You may not know where to begin, and that can open doors for mistakes to happen. Thankfully, Jennica George can hold your hand through the A to Z of the home buying process.

All I’ll need to get started are a few details in order for me to get a visual of the kind of home you want. Among other things, I’ll want to know about your budget, preferred location, and your tastes and preferences.


Armed with all the requisite information, all you’ll need to do is sit back and relax and watch your dream unfold!

Selling a Home in North Regina

Looking to sell your North Regina home but don’t know where to start? Again, Jennica George is here to help!

Just like buying a home, selling a home in North Regina can be anything but simple. From listing your property to sorting out the mountains of paperwork, it can take months to complete. And that’s assuming the process doesn’t experience any hiccups.

But the process doesn’t have to be such a major stressor. Hiring Jennica George means having a reputable realtor who is determined to see you succeed. Clients come to me because they understand the immense value I bring to the table!

I’ll help you from start to finish, ensuring the experience is as smooth as possible. My goal is to have my clients sell their homes at the best possible prices and in as little time as possible.

Now, selling a home has many steps. It isn’t as simple as just placing a “For Sale” sign and hoping an offer will come through. To be successful, the process needs to be meticulously designed and well-thought-out. I’m the person for exactly this!

Where Do You Start?

Again, selling a home can be confusing – especially if you’ve never done it before. You may not even know how to price your home and can end up losing a lot if you underprice it.


Jennica George has the experience and tools to ensure you maximize the sale price. Among other things, I’ll carry out a comparative market analysis to determine the appropriate sale price.

My team will also help you with the listing. We’ll make it stand out so as to ensure it gets the attention of prospective buyers as quickly as possible.

About North Regina, Saskatchewan

Regina is the capital city of the Canadian province of Saskatchewan. It’s often known as Queen City and ranks as the second-largest city in the province, North Regina being part of it. It’s located in the south-central area of the province and covers an area of 118.4 square kilometers.

Regina is the sunniest capital city in Canada, experiencing an average of 2,365 hours of sunshine every year. Regina also ranks as one of the best places to live in Canada based on things like taxes, commuting, amenities, healthcare, and affordability.

Source: Wikipedia

Areas I Serve

In addition to North Regina, I am proud to serve the areas of South Regina, East Regina, Albert Park, Whitmore Park, Lakeview, Central Regina, Varsity Park, River Heights, Lumsden, and Emerald Park/White City.